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Russia attacks Ukrainian capital with Kalashnikov kamikaze drones

Russian troops have used small kamikaze drones known as KUB in attacks on the Ukrainian capital this week.

One of Russian killer drones was shot down in the Podil neighborhood in Kyiv on Saturday.

The light Unmanned Aerial System shot down was a kind of kamikaze drone known as KUB. The small UAS is developed by Russia’s most famous gun manufacturer Kalashnikov subsidiary ZALA Aero.

It is designed to have a maximum speed of about 80 miles per hour, an endurance of 30 minutes, and an explosive payload of 7 pounds against “remote ground targets.”

Kalashnikov says the drone — which can have a dwell time up to six hours — is an extremely precise and very effective ωɛλρσɳ, incredibly hard to fight by traditional air defense systems.

After the launch, the drone can loiter in the air to detect a target and then attack it from the upper hemisphere, being able to perform a diving pass along the vertical trajectory.

The drone, which was shot down over Kyiv, contained explosives (plastids) with metal balls to inflict maximum human damage.


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