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The E-2D Advanced Hawkeye acts as an airborne controller for the US Navy aircraft

The E-2D Advanced Hawkeye was developed by Northrop Grumman. It is the newest variant of the E-2. It made its first flight in 2007. Initial production aircraft were delivered to the US Navy in 2010 for trials and evaluation. In 2013 the aircraft was approved for full-rate production. In 2014 US Navy ordered 25 E-2D aircraft.

All of these aircraft are planned to be delivered between 2014 and 2018. The aircraft should meet initial operational capability in 2015. US Navy plans to obtain 72 E-2D aircraft until 2022. The Advanced Hawkeye will continue its role as the Navy’s primary airborne early warning aircraft for the years to come. Also is the only production carrier-borne AEW aircraft in the world.

The Advanced Hawkeye is assigned aboard aircraft carriers and provides airborne early warning and command and control to carrier air wing. The E-2D can act as a sensor to guide the fleet’s ωɛλρσɳs onto targets that other aircraft and ships can not locate. Also it w4rns of incoming anti-ship missile attacks.

This aircraft can also coordinate missions such as air ωλɾʄλɾɛ, strike ωλɾʄλɾɛ, surface ωλɾʄλɾɛ and search and rescue operations. It distributes tactical information from onboard sensors to command centers and other assets. The Advanced Hawkeye can operate in all weather conditions.

The latest E-2D is fitted with state-of-the-art radar and upgraded systems, new mission computer, entirely new avionics suite and new engines. This aircraft also can be fitted with probe for air-to-air refueling.

The APY-9 radar features an active electronically scanned array. Advanced electronic scanning with enormous digital computing power is added to the mechanical rotation of the radar it its radome. Some sources report that it increased the area an aircraft can monitor by 300%.

It is also reported that this radar is capable of detecting stealth aircraft. This could give the US Navy the ability to detect foreign fifth-generation fighters such as the Russian Sukhoi Su-57 (previously known as PAK FA) and Chinese Chengdu J-20 and Shenyang J-31, as well as stealthy bombers, that are currently being developed.

The E-2D is a high-wing airplane. It has a turboprop engine on each wing. The Advanced Hawkeye is fitted with improved Rolls-Royce T56-A-427A turboprop engines. It is capable of using the aircraft carrier’s catapults for takeoff. The aircraft has retractable tricycle landing gear. It is also equipped with a tail hook for landings.

The Advanced Hawkeye is operate by a crew of five, including two pilots, radar officer, combat information center officer and air control officer. Pilot and co-pilot are located on the flight deck. The other three workstations are located beneath the radome. The co-pilot has access to the full range of acquired data and can act as a tactical operator.


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